Captain Christopher Neste

Captain Christopher Neste
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fishing is great in Hilton Head... Redfish Bite is On!!!

The last week the Redfish bite has been on. Though a busy week overall, i got to put some great people on some good fishing in lower traffic areas thanks to my 22ft Panga Marine. Fishing mostly on the bottom the week with cut mullet has proven successful. Although, once you get a few good fish in one spot, smaller fish are brought in and the big bite seems to shutdown. These folks pictured came aboard early in the morning and were decked out in brand new fishing shirts from Outside. They certainly looked like fishermen in that brand new gear but it was the guide who put these fish in their hands.

Pictured: The Ornoff family with a nice slot Redfish and one that was 29'' long. Mom had the largest one of the day at about 32''.